Using four powered drive units and a 40W (20W*2) digital amplifier, the Plaay - Soundbar gives a detailed and spacious sound that most TVs can't hope to match. Designed for low distortion, the Plaay - Soundbar can be turned up to high volume levels without the distortion and harshness that you'd find with TV speakers, while Plaay DSP sound processing gives an enveloping sound that you wouldn't credit from a single speaker cabinet.


Bluetooth music streaming

In addition to making your TV sound great, this Plaay - Soundbar also offers easy Bluetooth music streaming. With this, you can stream music from your smartphone, tablet or Bluetooth-equipped laptop or desktop computer, accessing your music library or a music streaming service such as Spotify. By using the high quality Bluetooth format, wireless sound quality gets closer to wired than ever.

Easy to use and flexible positioning

With a choice of two digital (Optical / Coaxial) and a single analogue input (3.5mm) input, the Plaay - Soundbar has the ability to connect up to AV devices, such as TV, games console and Blu-ray player. At just 8cm deep it's easy and unobtrusive to position, while the included wall mount kit gives more positioning options.

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